Our shop offers stylish modest pieces all with a refined style and feminine flair!

We hand-pick the fabrics for all of our designs. Wearing a piece from our line isn’t just about the immediate joy of the flare silhouette, it’s about the moment you slip it on, style and sophistication become effortless. You instantly feel pretty in your everyday quest or special occasion, by the confidence you feel stepping out of your closet. We absolutely strive for the prettiest balance between style and modesty!

At MODESTFLARE it is our purpose to empower and inspire self confidence in mind, body, and potential. The brand was founded on the believe that great modest fashion can be attainable for every woman. This purpose and believe continues to inspire our design creations.

Join our growing community! Let’s chat, encourage, support, and uplift one another. You’ll be an active member of like minded women who can come together to empower and inspire one another. We all need a platform of women cheering on women! we're here!

We are located in Ottawa, Canada. 

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